Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mission 002-Weapon of Choice!!!

Next mission chosen by last weeks winner Max. WEAPON OF CHOICE! Design a blueprint of a cool LETHAL weapon, and explain what it does. Deadline is the 5th of July! Good bye and good luck!!!

Monday, 21 June 2010

Our 1st Winner!!!

Im pleased to announce that Constantinos Mavromichalis is the winner of the super hero task! Max will now choose the next task for us to do! I will post it shortly!! Thank you everyone for taking part!!!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mission 001-Super hero!!!! The Uncanny Ms. Chainsaw

Civilian name: Livvy Brewer
Super hero name: The Uncanny Ms. Chainsaw
Powers: Super-speed, and well.. a chainsaw for an arm, (freak workshop related incident.)
Weakness: Ms. Chainsaw cannot go in water as this will cause her arm to rust. Fire is a problem as her Chainsaw is petrol powered and will explode.
by Livvy Brewer

Mission 001-Super hero!!!! Goldilocks

Civilian Name: Sophie Grimwood
Superhero Name: Goldilocks
Powers: Has the ability to grow her hair as long as she wants. She uses her hair almost like a rope. Her hair can grip like a python, and strike like a whip. She can entrap her enemies...and her lovers.
Weaknesses: Once she has grown her hair to the length she wants, Goldilocks is unable to grow it further without cutting it short first. She must Carry a pair of scissors at all times.
by Sophie Grimwood

Mission 001-Super hero!!!! MECHA-SPOON!!!

Civilian Name: Dan 'Danger' Spooner
Super hero name: MECHA SPOON
Day Job: Tesco Worker (Being pushed around)
Special Powers: Can piss through all the metal...Can instantly fall asleep in any situation. Extremely quick witted. Worlds shortest attention span.
Weakness: Sunlight. Allergic to metal. Eczema.
"When the Danger Spooner loses the plot, or accidently pushes his well hidden watch, he transforms into the ultimate killing machine! Taking out anyone or anything in his path. The eczema is a slight hinderance on movement and the sunlight can be tricky, but in a huge, dark environment Spoons is in his element...BOOM!!!!!"
by Dan Spooner

Mission 001-Super hero!!!! 'Click'

by Daisy Hynes

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Mission 001-Super hero!!!! The Great Dane!!!

Civilian name: Dane Winn
Super hero name: The Great Dane
Powers: Super Speed, Ability to fly, Bulletproof, Senses when someone's in trouble
Weakness: Gets very tired from running around all the time and tends to fall asleep anywhere
by Dane Winn