Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Mission 001-Super hero!!!! MECHA-SPOON!!!

Civilian Name: Dan 'Danger' Spooner
Super hero name: MECHA SPOON
Day Job: Tesco Worker (Being pushed around)
Special Powers: Can piss through all the metal...Can instantly fall asleep in any situation. Extremely quick witted. Worlds shortest attention span.
Weakness: Sunlight. Allergic to metal. Eczema.
"When the Danger Spooner loses the plot, or accidently pushes his well hidden watch, he transforms into the ultimate killing machine! Taking out anyone or anything in his path. The eczema is a slight hinderance on movement and the sunlight can be tricky, but in a huge, dark environment Spoons is in his element...BOOM!!!!!"
by Dan Spooner

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